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So if you don’t have time to watch the video (come on it’s only 3 minutes) here is the short version:

A while ago my life really sucked. I was working a lot of overtime, I was completely stressed out, wasn’t sleeping well, wasn’t exercising and not eating right. Something had to change. ¬†And one day at 3am driving home, when I wasn’t quite sure if it’s day or night anymore, I decided that was far enough.

So I started contacting people that I looked up to. People that when I looked at them I said “That’s what I want my life to look like, one day….”

There was especially one guy who made a huge impact on me when I went out for a coffee with him. What he told me is that, it doesn’t happen quickly….. It’s going to take years for you to figure out what works for you. Reading hundreds of book and trying lots of different things to actually figure out what you enjoy doing in life.

One of the questions he asked, to help me try and figure out what it is that I want to do was: “If you won the lotto tomorrow. After you’ve done all the things that you want to do with the money, what would you do then……..” and my answer was almost instant. I would invest my money and chill on a beach. And he said: “SURE”. After two weeks of doing that. you’re going to be bored and what then……. And I didn’t have an answer for him. I was actually a bit pissed off at him….

But I went home and thought about it and realised that everybody has something they would do if money wasn’t a factor and there are small things we can do each and every day to make our lives better. And that has become my mission now.

If you’ve been wondering why I am reading a book a week. Here is a video to explain the idea behind it: