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The golden rule to achieve any goal

So in my previous video I talked about how to set goals.

You have to:

  1. Make the goal clear

  2. Set a deadline and

  3. Get some accountability

Now goals are great and you really have to set goals to challenge you. But without action, goals mean nothing. You can have the best goals in the world, but if you never take action you are never going to achieve them.


Coach Brad Stevens who is the head coach of the Boston Celtics said: “You can have the goal of a championship, but there’s a process to get there and your focus needs to be on that.”

So when you set yourself a goal, a goal makes you stress and it gets you to do things. But then you have break it down in to actionable steps, in to things you can actually achieve. Now what I usually do is I take my goal and then I break it down in too smaller pieces and then I take those pieces and break them down even smaller.

So lets say I have a goal of getting into shape by 31 August and if I don’t do that, one of my friends is going to post a picture on Facebook of me without my shirt on.

That will get me to do it……

So if I take getting into shape and I break that down. I’m going to have to figure out nutrition, what to eat and what not to eat, and exercise. Now if I want to exercise I need to find a gym where I can go and exercise. So I will go on to google and google for gyms close by and then I’ll find the top 3 and give each of them a call. Find out if they have any specials, find out how their training works.

For nutrition, I don’t know anything about nutrition yet, so I’m also going to have to go on to google. Have a look, what should I eat, what shouldn’t I eat. Then I’ve got a friend who’s a nutritionist, I can probably give her a call and find out what she suggests.

But doing that doesn’t solve the problem yet.

You have to make sure that you take those actions and this is the golden rule, this is the thing that makes sure that your goalsare fail proof.

You put these goals in to your calendar.

So I’ll have a look at my google calendar and I’ll say “Oh tonight at seven I’m not doing anything” so google for gyms. Then at 7 o’clock I get my little reminder and I say “Oh, I need to quickly google for gyms” and I do that for 5 minutes.

Then I need to call my friend, so lets say at 3 o’clock this afternoon I put a little reminder, just a 5 minute block, “Call your friend” and I give her a call and she can help me out. That’s really the golden hack, that’s what is going to make sure that you can achieve any goal. No matter how big it is, how much you stress about it.

If you break that goal in to little steps, that when you look at that goal you say “I can do that, that’s easy” you can achieve absolutely anything.

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