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The leader who had no title summary (Book 46/52)

In The Leader who had n title Robin Sharma teaches you some very valuable lessons through a story and a few easy to remember acronyms.


These acronyms are IMAGE, SPARK and HUMAN:

Innovation                                           Speak with Candor                                                Helpfulness

Mastery                                               Prioritize                                                                Understanding

Authenticity                                        Adversity breeds                                                    Opportunity

Mingle                                                Guts                                                                       Respond vs React

Amuse                                                Ethics                                                                      Kudos for everyone Nurture


Alibaba: The House Jack Ma Built (Book 45/52)

$25.3 Billion of sales in one day…..

That’s what Alibaba did on 11 November 2017. Alibaba is a fascinating company and to see how Jack Ma built this company from very humble beginnings, how they competed with some of the biggest companies in the world and won as well as how their culture is different from the traditional model makes for a great read.

If you want to understand the the beast that is Alibaba and the impact it may have on the world this is a great book to give you glimpse into the business world of China.



Deep Work Summary (Book 44/52)

In this video I explore the 3 points from Deep Work by Cal Newport that I did not expect from the book.

This book covers a very important topic and after reading it you will definitely look differently at how you work and also how everyone else works as well.

The 5 Second Rule Summary (Book 43/52)

Can something as simple as counting down from 5 to 1 actually change your life?

If you read the 5 second rule it can. This is a very simple but incredibly powerful rule that Mel Robbins has come up with and it turns out that there is actually science behind what she does. By counting down you interrupt your brains normal process of coming up with excuses and you move yourself to action.

If you’ve ever struggled with second guessing yourself, social anxiety, having great ideas and not having the courage to speak up. Then this book is for you. It’s amazing to see all the examples in the book of people who have used the very simple idea to make massive changes in their lives.

Discipline Equals Freedom Summary (Book 42/52)

In Discipline Equals Freedom Jocko Willink really does give you a short and concise field manual to life.

The book is broken up into two sections. Thoughts and Actions. Under thoughts he talks about things like overcoming procrastination, weakness, stress and a whole bunch of other topics. In actions he goes into diet (feeding the machine), martial arts, injury prevention, recovery and detailed workouts.

This book is definitely not for everyone, it’s written in Jocko’s unique in your face take extreme ownership of your life style. But for those who can handle it this is definitely a must read. My last though. Buy a physical copy of this book. I’m a huge fan of e-book and audiobook, but this one you just have get a physical copy. I’ve uploaded some images just to show off the thought and hard work that went into this book.