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Blockchain (Book 34/52)

This week I didn’t read only 1 book, but quite a few. When you start reading about Blockchain and the potential of this technology it’s difficult to stop.

Please do yourself a favor, start learning about this technology and start future proofing your life. If we don’t evolve with the machines we’ll get left behind.


Once Upon A time in Russia Summary (Book 33 of 52)

Once Upon a Time in Russia is a very interesting and easy read about the rise of Russia after democracy.

It gives you a great idea of how Russia developed and ended up where it is today. It covers the rise and fall of Boris Berzovshy with side stories about Alexander Litvinenko (KGB agent poisoned with plutonium 210) and Roman Abramovich who now owns the Chelsea football club. But my favorite parts were where he spoke about Vladimir Putin and you got a sense of the man from another perspective.

Getting to Yes Summary (Book 27/52)

Like it or not, you are a negotiator.

This book will teach you all you need to know about negotiations and how to negotiate with someone without giving in.

This week I was travelling for work, so I had to shoot this in my hotel room and unfortunately I did not have time to edit out the background noise and add some subtitles. Apologies for that 🙂


How to remember people’s name

If you have even wished that you could remember people’s names and not be embarrassed when you can’t remember, this video is for you.

This week I read Unlimited Memory by Kevin Horsley and I shot this short video to help you remember people’s names.

I’ve always struggled to remember people’s names and this is a really easy and fun way to remember names.

Hope this helps you too. 🙂


Unlimited memory by Kevin Horsley (Book 26/52)

Have you ever wished that you could improve your memory? Well then then this week’s video is for you Book 26 of 52. This wee’s video was shot at the Union Buildings in Pretoria and it s book written by a South African, Kevin Horsley. Kevin is a World Memory Grand master and has memorised the first 10,000 digits of Pi.

In this video I share a few tips on how to improve you memory from his book Unlimited Memory.