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When Captain America Civil War teaches you a life lesson

– 3 minute read –

Who would ever think that you could learn one of the oldest life lessons from a superhero movie?

Well you can.

On the surface Captain America Civil War is about two guys who used to be friend. They then reach a point where they can’t agree on the way forward. Queue epic fight scenes……

But if you look a little deeper you’ll see something interesting. Read more

3 reasons why what other people think of you is none of your business

-3 minute read-

This article is a little bit different than all the other ones. In this one I’m not sharing what I’ve learned through reading a bunch of scientific studies, but rather something personal. I used to worry a lot about what other people think about me. I would get consumed by it and play lots of different variations out in my head, this would take up hours in my day.

Eventually, I came to the realizations I share below. These are what made the change for me. They switched off that “Oh what are they thinking?” switch in my head and I’m sure they can work for you as well.

Had it not been for this, I would probably never have started writing these articles. Putting myself out there would have been my worst nightmare.

But lets start at the beginning.

It all started in High School, as I’m sure it does for most of us. High School is a period in your life where you are almost solely preoccupied with what other people think about you. “What’s cool?”, “What do they think about my hair?”, “What do they think about my clothing?”, “Oh, I hope they like me.”.

What makes it comical, when you look back, is that the cool kids were the ones that acted like they didn’t care about what other people thought. The ones that just did what they wanted. Oh how we wished we could have been like them.

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How gratitude literally lets you rewire your brain

-4 minute read-

Does it feel like bad things always happen to you? Like there is always something bad out there just waiting to happen to you? Your spouse is going to cheat on you, or the business deal is going to go south and you are just waiting for it to happen…..

Don’t worry, I’m exactly the same.

It’s actually completely natural to always be looking out for the bad in life. It’s part of your self protective nature. As hunter gatherers we were always scanning the horizon for approaching danger and getting ready to react to this danger. Therefore we are predisposed to look for negative experiences in stead of positive experiences.

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7 reasons smiling is the easiest hack to get ahead in life and how to improve your smile

 –  5 MINUTE READ – 


So where did this whole article on smiling start? Funny story……

I have this friend who is one of those people. You know the ones, they are super popular, easy to talk to and everyone wants to be around them.  This guy just seems to cruise through life and have a ball doing it. So I decided to ask him what his secret was. We discussed a lot of different things, but one thing that really surprised me was that he believed smiling was his secret weapon.  

This sounded too simple to be true, so I decided to do some research. There are lots of studies out there that actually prove something as simple as smiling, will have a massive impact on your life.

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Life lessons learned from KungFu Panda and a Mathematical Physicist

This weekend I was listening to Tim Ferriss’ podcast with Eric Weinstein. It’s a really interesting conversation and one of the best parts is when Eric describes how he was in tears after watching KungFu Panda with his kids.

This isn’t a guy that you would expect to be in tears over a kids movie. Eric Weinstein is the Managing Director of Thiel Capital, has a Ph.D in Mathematical Physics from Harvard, and a research fellowship at the Mathematical Institute of Oxford University.
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Want to reach those New Year’s resolutions you already forgot?

So it’s the end of January and the year is in full swing. Doesn’t feel like the year is one month old, does it? We’re all back at work and going at our day to day lives at full speed. But I quickly wanted to check up on you.

How are you doing with those new year’s resolutions you made at the start of the year?

No seriously, think about it. How would your life be right now if you stuck to all your resolutions? What would your friends be saying and how would you be feeling?

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