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Solve for Happy: Engineer your path to joy

I don’t say this lightly, but Solve for Happy has probably been one of the best book I have ever read.

This book will change your life and your outlook on life in a fundamental way.

It is not like any of the other “self help”books out there. This is a highly logical breakdown of how to solve the happiness problem. Mo, quite literally, takes the problem statement of how to be happy and solves it like a mathematical theorem.

Just to give you a basic idea of the book, here are the 6 Grand Illusions, 7 Blind spots and 5 Ultimate Truths that he dissects and explains in this book.

6 Grand Illusions

  1. Thought
  2. Self
  3. Knowledge
  4. Time
  5. Control
  6. Fear

7 Blind Spots

  1. Filter
  2. Assumptions
  3. Predictions
  4. Memories
  5. Labels
  6. Emotions
  7. Exaggerations

Ultimate Truths

  1. Now
  2. Change
  3. Love
  4. Death
  5. Design

I hope this has prickled your curiosity and that you will read this book.

It really is that good.