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What does a Navy Seal do when he knows his next decision might be life or death….

All of this starts with one tough mother…….. Mark Divine.

He’s one of those guys you can see is hardcore to the bone:

  • Ranked the #1 trainee of SEAL BUDS/class number 170
  • Served 9 years on active duty,
  • 11 years as a Reserve Seal,
  • Retiring as Commander in 2011,
  • NYT Best seller, WSJ Best seller and #1 Amazon for books

This is a guy you can probably learn a few things from……

What makes Mark really impressive is the fact that he isn’t just a Navy Seal that pushes through the pain and does insane things physically. He also has a degree in economics, an MBA in Finance and he is a CPA (I think all of you know why I like him now). Read more